When two souls Reunite

I for one am a believer of Soul mates, Twin flames, Twin souls.  The belief that in this ever growing world and population, we, as deeper individuals, are all connected in a much deeper levels than some of us want to believe.

I believe that if you are one of the very rare and lucky ones, you will find your twin flame, and when you do, your souls will recognise each other as if they have been searching from a once departed life time and be reunited again finally. The thoughts and unfathomable odds of meeting someone who you have such a deep and connected relationship with are odds beyond the imagination, just like winning the roll over jackpot in the national lottery.  Sure some of us will find a partner, love the unconditionally and enjoy their lives together, but finding the person who fits you in a deeper and more spiritual way is a beautiful and hard to find phenomenon indeed.

If you as a reader are lucky enough to experience a love like this, then never let it go, but, if you truly are twin flames, that thought would never cross your mind.  The only thoughts that maybe circulation around that beautiful mind of yours are ones of love, commitment and pure infatuation of your partner. The thought of how lucky you are to beat the odds and be one of the few to find your everything. the thought of looking forward to growing old and wrinkly with them, and when you are, still looking into their cataract eyes, smiling, and seeing them as beautiful or handsome as the first day you laid eyes on them.  This is love, this is a soul mate, this is the feeling of finding your long lost partner. From the days you start dating, you already feel that connection, you feel a sense of knowing them from before, a comfortable aura. It will be a feeling like no other, a feeling that will awaken your very soul, a feeling of being complete and a feeling of love like no other.



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