Commitment in a relationship

So where would any relationship be without commitment? Nowhere. Without this then why bother?
When you are with your loved one you want to know that they are in it for the long run. You want to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you are their one and their only, and nothing will ever change that for them.
Commitment doesn’t just mean being faithful. (Although of course they do have to be faithful). It also means they are committed enough to the relationship to make it work no matter what. To stand by you though the toughest of times. Nurse you when you’re at your sickest. As the famous lines say. In sickness and in health. For better for worse. For richer and poorer.
I know I know. You’ve heard those lines a million times before. But. If you don’t understand. Or adhere to those wise words. Then you can’t be as committed as you think.
All partners want security. And knowing that no matter what lays ahead of you in your futures together, you both will be committed enough to one another to be each others strength. Be the strength when they’re weak. Be the helper when they are too sick to help themselves. Support them when they need support. The shoulder they need to cry on. And the ear to release their worries to. Because you should know. That if it was the other way around. They would do it all for you without question.


Communication is a two way street

What are we without communication? Communication is for me one of the foundations to any relationship, for without communication there are just two people living in a space. Not two people sharing their love feelings and affection with one another.
From the beginning of the human race we have learned to communicate. Whether it be from a different pitched grunt to being fluent in a wide array of languages.
We as human species cannot develop nor can we survive with others without the basics of communication.
What more in a relationship.
Without it how will each of you know your thoughts, your dreams, your problems, your feelings.
In a relationship there is always the need for communication. And by this I don’t mean that from the time you wake to the moment you sleep you should be in constant conversation. As that is an impossibility. You would soon either run out of things to say or just annoy the other too much.
But both partners should know how to express their thoughts, their feelings, their fears and insecurities. Not only does this help your partner understand the issues or events at hand. But they will have a better understanding of you. Of each other. Biting your tongue and bottling things up will only lead to outbursts. Small issues becoming huge arguments as it’s just built up and built up as the day and weeks pass by.
If the communication between you is strong and healthy, you will also learn what annoys the other. What makes them happy. What turns them on…. And off.
The communication barrier between partners is one of the key factors to a relationship. If you have this. Then you will be able to understand one and other with out feeling they are not listening or paying attention. Or that they even care enough to fix the problem instead of just agreeing and accepting everything. Couples will argue. If they don’t. Then there is no two way communication. Remember, communication is two way. Not 1. It is just as important to listen as it is to speak.