Keys to a successful relationship

What are the key factors in any relationship? For me, they would be

• Trust
• Communication
• Understanding
• Commitment
• Empathy
• Acceptance

Each day I will take one of these key factors and elaborate on the fundamental necessities of keeping a solid, loving and happy relationship.


I will love you through the miles

As I sit here listening to the faint background sound of my clock, waiting for the minute hand to speed up, just a fraction, so that my day can be over that little bit sooner, All my thoughts go to you. I miss you like nothing I have ever experienced before. The days are long, the nights colder, and the world a much larger place than before.

It wasn’t long ago when we were in each others arms, wrapped in each others warmth and laughing about nothing. They say that absence makes the heart grow stronger… It also makes it hurt and yearn more for you.

But still, after all this time, all those miles, and all these lonely nights, I will never want anything else but you in my life.  The long distance and time apart make everything worth while when I can see you again and hold you in my arms. See, love isn’t just measured in moments or time, it is measured in everything that you are together, everything that two people want to be, It is patience, understanding, it is faithfulness and support, it is feeling whole, like your missing piece has finally been found and a higher sense of completion has been reached.

Which is why I would not change the distance between our relationship, as to do that will mean you are not in it. So until the day that we don’t have to say goodbye. My mind will be constantly wondering the many paths in my mind that lead me straight to you.


A Long distance relationship is a REAL relationship!!

With the world getting increasingly smaller as technology lets us reach almost everywhere on earth, it is getting easier and easier for people across oceans and the world to meet, chat and even start a relationship together.

People don’t choose who they fall in love with, the time they fall in love or even the place. It happens when you least expect it and can be in the most unexpected places.

Long distant relationships are not for the non committed people, they take a lot more time, a lot more patience, a lot more communication and a lot more trust.  In an LDR you get to find out more about the person, as a person, instead of just relying on chemical or physical attraction (but that does happen when they get together) ;).

You get to know the person for who they are. You get to know them on a much deeper level than if you just met them in a bar and take them home one saturday night. You learn to listen, to open up, to communicate with each other which is the foundation to any relationship.  You have already fallen in love with the person before you’ve even met, and if you aren’t a shallow person or revolve a whole relationship on physical features, no matter what happens when you meet you will just fall deeper in love.  You will feel that physical connection on top of the love. You will see them as they are in the inside and as what you fell in love with….. Beautifully perfect.

As time goes on and you stay in the relationship, you meet each other more and more, talk to each other daily, and miss them like nothing else. But. You wouldn’t change it for the world, as you have found the one you want to spend your future with, and when you are finally together, it will be everything you’ve been waiting for for years.

Love is not bounded by distance.

It is a real relationship no matter where you both are.

When two souls Reunite

I for one am a believer of Soul mates, Twin flames, Twin souls.  The belief that in this ever growing world and population, we, as deeper individuals, are all connected in a much deeper levels than some of us want to believe.

I believe that if you are one of the very rare and lucky ones, you will find your twin flame, and when you do, your souls will recognise each other as if they have been searching from a once departed life time and be reunited again finally. The thoughts and unfathomable odds of meeting someone who you have such a deep and connected relationship with are odds beyond the imagination, just like winning the roll over jackpot in the national lottery.  Sure some of us will find a partner, love the unconditionally and enjoy their lives together, but finding the person who fits you in a deeper and more spiritual way is a beautiful and hard to find phenomenon indeed.

If you as a reader are lucky enough to experience a love like this, then never let it go, but, if you truly are twin flames, that thought would never cross your mind.  The only thoughts that maybe circulation around that beautiful mind of yours are ones of love, commitment and pure infatuation of your partner. The thought of how lucky you are to beat the odds and be one of the few to find your everything. the thought of looking forward to growing old and wrinkly with them, and when you are, still looking into their cataract eyes, smiling, and seeing them as beautiful or handsome as the first day you laid eyes on them.  This is love, this is a soul mate, this is the feeling of finding your long lost partner. From the days you start dating, you already feel that connection, you feel a sense of knowing them from before, a comfortable aura. It will be a feeling like no other, a feeling that will awaken your very soul, a feeling of being complete and a feeling of love like no other.